Sweet Dreams & Rude Awakenings


Iron rich laden liquid of life’s remains; you do bleed
Spilling forth w/the blade of this knife
Riddled with agony it slides down the drain; this life

Blood flows to absolve you of the pain
Momentarily, relinquished of further disdain
Deeper & deeper it screams at you in vain

It grips your soul; telling you to quit & fold
Hark? No angles will appear!
Only the devil’s ugly head does rear

Ravishing your insecurities @ your core
Whispering wicked ways of you being such a whore
Your punishment of kept alive;



Time freezes, in mid stroke, the room stills w/melancholy corroding your every possible thought; you choke.

Eroding further, acid eating your mind away. Consumed by a sadness; awoken, what once did lay.

You feel so drained, used up, and abused; nobody left of who you thought you knew.

The air to thicken, painfully escaping between your lips each breath slips.

Your solemn tears abashed & riddled with fears of reaching out to anyone near.

Voices emanating from yesterday. You’re reminded of the moments your mother would say, “A pity party is all your doing anyway.”

Denounced, berated, belittle, & jaded is how most of us walk away that feel emotionally inundated.

Those boot straps I’m ready to use, pull them up like you tell me to do & wrap them around my neck, a time or two.

Goodbye to you~

Do you hear voices?

No, She said,
They are all my own; my friend(s)
They do not speak in a different tone, in the end

Dependent on the static of your current awakeness
They will argue to fight on which one is right
Preaching each possible reaction to action(s) of a fight

Exhausted before your eyes are to open
A mind racing once your thoughts awoken
A body feeling already drained & broken

Trying to find a reason to not give up and to be dressed
Struggling with thoughts of suicide seems more pressed
Pondering the point to all the banter in your head

Living life depressed~

What A Man!?

He’s tainted the golden chalice
Wrecking relations w/pure malice
Spreading havoc to hatred; so callous

Ridiculing those that are mild & meek
Refusing medical for preexisting health physique
Ripping away benefits & the right to speak

Dissonance & insolence
Corruption for greed to breed
Get on your knees & bow to thee

Poverty plunging to an all new low
The gap of the one percent does grow
Government detached, bought, & owned

Making America great; his biggest fallacy to date
Divided we stand, shoved by his esurient hands
Grab them by the pussies so he commands;
what a man!

When do we take that stand
Show others we are a country; Grand!
Dignified with diversity and the upper hand

Let’s stop being the laughing stock of the land

Not So Broken

Draping everything in a glow of early dew honey
Cresting through her thin curtains; lovely
Rays to devour the dark & turn sunny

Baby-lings set on her sill; she opens, a lil
Reaching up for their tranquil quiet still
Exemplifying to her strength & fortuitous will

Clouds to cover the cast
Darkness came back full mast
Plunged into haunts of a long dead past

From scents to sounds all around
She should have had better solid ground
She was unsound & feeling beat down

Walking taller each and every day
She isn’t going to let their dismay lead her way
She breaks the cycle further today!

Opening wide; the curtains she’d hide behind
Welcoming in new experiences for her to align
She is, for sure, a one of a kind of a find

She’s not unceasingly caught on rewind
She’ll eventually blossom into something more divine
Just give her time…..


One on one, the dance seductively begun
Letting down her hair, trickling past her bosoms some
Once in a tight bun; she let go, for some fun

Scantily dressed, merely in a lacy panty set
Precious pearls majestically dripping wet
Dangling between her beautiful cleavage & silhouette

Quivering under your soft manly touch
You grab her by the waist & squeeze much
Moans of lust escaping from the rush

Grinding her hips to each of your thrusts
A passionate inferno, of two lovers, entrenched in lust
Temperature rising to flames; both rupture to combust

“You’re The BEST woman a man could ASK for”!!!

Do you really mean it?
She implores, what for?
What motivates your means?
What instigates your dreams?

What is she to foresee?
Years of abuse and deceit lay at her feet
Conditioned to be kept for keeps
For years she wept in her sleep

I bite my tongue; but she knows your young
A family you should had begun
Instead of pursuing this particular one
She’s been long done

Moods erratic and & sometimes sporadic
Just stuff her up in the attic; stigmatic
Yet, you don’t chase her off & her havoc
You’ve embraced her more than haven’t

So lost and confused
Just don’t know what to do
She feels the love coming from you
It is what she’d grown so cold-hearten to;
until you!

Will she continue to believe you to be true
Not hiding some evil things that you do
Praising her as she’s your only boo
So many years had she been lied to;
Before you

What’s a woman to do…
[I believe you]

The Package

He’s handsome & debonair
His physic not many to compare
You can’t help but continuously stare

Worthy of a lover’s passions untamed
Deserving of compassion all the same
An understanding of this life living game

You are the sparkle to his eyes
Stop trying to eternally scrutinize
Just know, he makes you feel so alive

He is a blessing; not by surprise
He is devoted and loyal as wise
His smile to keep as your prize

Love has arrived……


therapy chair.jpg



He quietly sits in his chair
Eyeing her,
Fondling her long golden hair
Why her smile so rare?

Her bruises & scars, one can not see
Mental Illness; some say the disease
Tormenting her soul to still bleed

He catches her flinch & shy away
Not wanting the past to be replayed
Who’s on

She keeps the truth; ever since youth
Misguided, lieded, and hidden from truths
Things that were done, so fucking uncouth

With a careful ear & a watchful eye
He’s witnessed more than just her cries
He’s fallen in love
w/someone so dead;
Yet, alive

[She survived!!]



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