Sweet Dreams & Rude Awakenings

Say, “Yes”!

Pasts to hark my todays’
I’m jumpy; some might say
Startle instinct of a runaway

I keep my gaze on the ground
Yet, hold up this makeup’ed frown
Even though it weights me down

Careen, corral, to simply caress
Removing that weight; you so profess
Closer is what your true desires confess

To feel, touch, bring me near
~Squeeze me tighter~
That’s what you want to hear

Isn’t it my Dear?


~Betwixt Us Both~

Wafting throughout the air
A fragrance you can’t compare
A bouquet so mild & rare

Fluttering, trailing behind
Visions of the paradisaical of kinds
Fitted out of delightful reminds

Her flowing unique flare
A melancholic smile & friendly stare
Quickly, she shines, to share

Fondest of your memories
In-between her bitching & the sheets
The love betwixt; was, for keeps

Break Down; Make Up


Never wanting to be disheveled
Devoid of once youth; she did revel
(Bo)Toxins help the aged to rewind
Creamy smooth to fill in the aged lines
Under & atop the eyes & lips
A pallet of a rainbow of colors to dip
Paint the lashes & lacquer the lips
A mask of matte materials; finished
Smudging of the liquid liner
Each weak instant, of a, fit
Running down each cheek
Blackened lines; smearing it
Tears streaming, ever so thick
Besmearing ruby red lipstick
All you can think is how…..
Salty would be her sweet sweet

I Lay Me Down

It is not the money you make
It is not the friends you take
It is not the moments you make
It is the disease that has ruled your fate

Problems to grow; disassociation prolonged
You’re late & don’t know why you don’t belong
Time has skipped a beat & you want to run away; retreat
Defeated by wonderings of reasons as to why so imcomplete

Squeeze tight, thine eyes late at night
Falling deep into the darkness that persists
Nightmares to evil wicked trysts
What’s the point of fighting all this shit to exist

I just wanna quit

Okay, done w/my fit 🙂 



A little tap
A stroke of a key
Sending out signals
Casting desires & needs

The flow of the feel
The groove you jive

Careful, where your ego does reside
Watch your words; dutifully, said
It is truly remarkable when read
Wishes to commands; it spreads

The inability to stop
The desire to rise

Dripping ink, spilling emotionally; override
An insatiable gnawing to be satisfied
Yet, to be so easily freeze dried
Needing to be:

Look In; To Look Out


Villainize people of the poor

Expendable & worthy of no more

Wipe them out, is the task of a chore

Coexisting, incomprehensible, safety to security

Sustaining civilization for socialization;not war

Mischief & Mayhem; no more

The means of matter, has been, removed

There be not a need

Any more, to ensue


Peace be, unto, you

Don’t Miss The Point

Concrete paths & our bellowed news casts
Filth to rupture innocent souls by sin; so crass
Pure corruption being fed to us; up the ass

Sirens & screams to sooth your searing spirit
Vibrations of intranquility to rile your beasts
Restlessness that never seems to sleep

Sounds of our bubbling brooks
Sounds of our birds morning chattering songs
Nature is no longer felt nor heard; for so long

They’ve removed us from our rightful seats
Ignored, neglected, raped, & deplete(d)
It is what they’ve done being in leader-sheep

Greed, the evil seed to do those deeds
Life is more of progression past ones needs
Let’s conceive a new altruistic way to believe

Breaking the mold & stopping the heinous hold
Monetary gain is not where there is gold
Spirituality gleams with each new awakening soul



As a child the street was dark, that first time; I did embark
Hollow whistles waved through the trees
Yet, stillness came before me
I felt set free, once I shut the door behind me

Vacant cars and turned off lights
Nothing seemed to give me a fright
The fear was not in the dark; you see
The fear was behind the four walls of thee

Punishment was swift and serious
Bruises would be quietly dismissed
Only to nuzzle me into her bosom w/a kiss
Delirious, there be no way to resist; sick

Fighting all the flashing mishaps
Wandering along the railroad tracks
Unannounced to me, a cop was following; you see
I got caught because of my white sack; greed


……………….Got taken back

A Silent Whisper



An imagination unleashed & untamed
Etchings to echo ecstasy to sheer pain
Pennings to flood into raging flames

Scribbles of all the crazies & insanes
Leaving out the mundanes
Nothing’s by chance; cannot be changed

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