Sweet Dreams & Rude Awakenings

Cast Away

She spies, his eyes fill w/glee
Every time he text to she
His tone lightens & heart brightens

Memories to have been shared; long ago, fun
Rebuilding a friendship is all they’ve done
Fruitation of that, not so new, special someone

Sharing his photos; only for she to see
Except the fact of his girlfriend; I believe
She might have something to say to thee!
She’s long over, stroking his delicate ego
She will not stop to coddle his arduous pride
She will, instead, watch him act dutifully surprised

No reasons why he kept on holding
She wastes no time on the scolding
She breaks free from his molding

He’s all yours, now!



Denounce one’s thoughts; constant block
Banter and bicker behind mind’s eye
Trying to stay positive; remind me why?

Thoughts are thick and dangerously slick
Contorting their way around all your shit
Slipping in deeper, making you want to quit

Ripping away at reasons; mind turn treason
Imprisoned a spirit by removal from Eden
Placed into this foul body called a human being

Dirty Panes

Through the winder you doth look
Squinting thine eyes to see
Raindrops obscuring your view
Harder for you to see through
Rolling along
Thick black clouds; blowing in strong
Clap of thunder w/a flash of light
Once bright, now, deepened into night
Comfort in the solace of such a sight
Spinning your weather vane to twirl
Gusts to gale winds giving it a whirl
Creaking & swaying of trees on display
Bowing in honor, for they, forced to obey
Everything back to norm
The end of the hailstorm


I left my life and all I knew
Just to fly all the way up to you
Little did I know what would ensue
Your hate for me only grew

I’m of your skin but not your soul
You birthed me but then let go
Another woman had total control
You didn’t even take the time; long ago

Years of actions to never repeat
Nights and days filled horrific defeat
Never protected from those who’d mistreat
I ended up running the darkened streets

An apology, you’ll never receive
You lied to the whole family
Tried to claim; I to kill
It was you who acted w/ill will

All I wanted was a family to love me
Rest my ill mind to ease
Not backstabbing, w/their gossiping disease
Never good enough for any of thee

XXX Milked XXX



She slips into your dreams of fancy
Dressed in only a black pantie
Cupping her exposed breasts
She giggles to confess
It’s your turn to undress
Strip to your bare ass

Lose the trousers & top
No one said you can stop
We are going all the way
Whether you like it or not
She tosses you down
She straddles over top
She’s planning on riding your cock
Whether you like it or not

You beg her to not stop!
Yes…. uhhhh….NO! Don’t go!
Please baby don’t climb on top!
I need more than most; a lot
Let me finger fuck your slit
As I tease to suck your swollen clit
Grab your ass and squeeze a bit
Feel your body tremble into a quaking fit

With a glistening grin;
He brings up his chin
Her satisfaction came from deep w/in
Trembling under his touch; so much
Panting to catch her laden lust filled breath

She proclaimed to profess, nevertheless
Falling silent, as between his legs, she crests
Tonguing his jewels w/genuine zest
Stroking his shaft he murmurs to protest
Baby don’t let me cum just yet
I want this to last longer than the rest
He tried his best….

The End!


Slipping through sanity
Lines blurred once again
Into the abyss you sink, my friend

Blackened moments of years yore
Why the fuck must it hurt further more
Unwanted thoughts; so hardcore

The first blow buckled you over
Onto the floor, you had dropped to your knees
Blinded by love, you cut to bleed

Terrible toil in fondling of the past
So displaced & feeling as the outcast
For years you’d kept it masked

Second blow took it’s toll;completely
Ripped you right out from your seat
Threw you back into a tailspin of hash reality

You took a stand when your child fell
You told your very own mother to go to hell
She was robbing your child of becoming well

Only those with visions; could ones’ see
The betterment was not fulfilling of their need(s)
Bonded, not, to which they did breed

To heed, their encumbered lead; you did concede
You did recede to better breathe & proceed
Spiritual fatigue, perceived to be received

With no family; takes time to heal your seed
Make sure to extricate the weeds…..
And watch your words match your deeds


Sweet Dreams

Once to slumber, you fall to sleep
A beautiful maiden, you’ve dreamt to be
Wistful and full of magical mystery

Exposed & sprawled on your bed for show
She’s ready & more than willing to let go
Her smile widens as you magnificently grow

Fondling soft moistened curves
Ones to which, you praised to preserve
Holding dear and never to raise a word

Fingering her long silken mane
Full of fancy, she whispers your name
Softly smoldering embers enflamed

Fully on scene; you continue to dream
Exploiting your senses in such a sensual being
Disbelieving in receiving & quake to wake

….in a cold sweat

She’s Gone; The Distance

She draws in, with a heavy sigh
Letting go of the hidden times
Setting free and spilling her mind

I’m sorry your spirit turned so bitter
I’m sorry you opted to freeze so cold
I’m sorry you let her have so much control

I’m sorry he wasn’t your first lover
I’m sorry to be the last to call you mother
I’m sorry for the tragedy you uncovered

I see through mine eyes, the kinds you suffered
You were still to be that parent(s) to another
Give them unconditional love and comfort

Distance I threw; when I saw what you did do
My house is made of glass; you know this too
I step away from both of you
I bid you two

Never To Know You

This was to honor his birthday
To give him love & praise
For the sacrifices he’d made

To bless this occasion
Affectation of pure adoration
He, a haven away from condemnation

Gratefulness of wisdom imparted by you
Knowing you’d never guide me astray
Weeping of joy for this glorious day

Unfailing love you’d forever gift
Knowing I was your one & only kid
Your love for me you never hid

Thank you for the guidance
In all the years I was a tyrant
Now, I fall in silence…..

Too bad these are all lies
A fantasy to never come alive
Nothing built to ever revive

I still survived……feeling ever so deprived

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