Hello my friend; Yes, I said ‘friend’.  Check out all that punctuation going on!  I’m not afraid of it —I ‘over’ use it! <yikes, one day I’ll learn>

With that being said, WELCOME to the mind of a mildly mad woman. To be outright, I need a place to where NOTHING is held back.   If it needs expressed the freedom of no judgement and if there is that’s an easily fixed problem …..delete.  I would be lying if I said I don’t care what people in my life think about me.  If you dare bolster up and say you don’t; I’ll think of you as a liar.  It’s not because I am a narrow-minded, egotistical, maniacal & narcissistic woman.  It’s because whether w/the best of intentions or not we are judging all that is around us. We are analyzing and taking in the facts (to which each individual see’s differently) and passing ‘judgement’….go ahead and argue semantics; I think it’s cute.

I am not here to make friends or ‘followers’.  I’m too selfish for that; I need a place to vent. I can say, to the masses, I love anonymity for those times needed for expression. Us as humans hide so much. We even try to hide from ourselves. Go figure!

I digress, Welcome to the mind of a mildly mad woman…..intro continued..

You can call me Candee, Nice to have ‘been read’…..gives me goose pimples (LOL)


No matter the time, place, situation, & distastes I’ll be lurking around in-between my lucid moments.