she gently slides out of her bed
He’s fast asleep; so, nothing said
Excruciating pain emanates from her soul
Instead of misread; a single tear she did shed

Her heart has, yet, found it’s void; again
She thought it he was pure history; slain
The dragon of discouragement was dead
Now, he’s back & twice as strong

Stealing her sleep
Making her weep
Laughing as she retreats
He wins w/her defeat

Alone she is in her wildest fears
Alone she allows her flow of tears
Alone she was amongst the clouds
Alone she was drifting through all the years

Beauty bestowed her soul
Cater to her every wish she did behold
Only one man to ever truly know
Her heart that hath turned so very cold

Alone she’ll forever stand….
Even when holding your very own hand
Even when you’ve proven to be a man
She still holds the reigns in her hands