Here I sit

About to throw a fit
My life a wreck
My kids, "what the heck"?

Ex-husband lurking so close
A boyfriend that feels like a host
Extended family; what a standing joke

I look around and see such distress
How the hell do i climb outta this mess
Bring back my own flare & zest

Change your teachings & lesson plans too
Make amends to the things that you do
Replace what was once old to you

Buck up your chin
You know, the bootstraps pulled to win
The buckles to strap down; again

Remember the way of the silver blade?
Remember the hurt it caused & dismay!
Remember the smell of the iron & decay~

Never go back that way! 
Never & Today!
That sickness to always be kept at bay

An injury to the soul
The screaming of total uncontrol
Despite your part in this role
You let loose of any further control