She lied
She lied to them all
She even lied to herself, worst of all

That shiny razor so smooth & slick
Just one slice down her thigh; so thick
No one will know; she can do it real quick

Into a realm where feelings escape
Through the bloodletting; awake
Endorphins surging like an earthquake

Scar tissue to itch; stitch after stitch
Staples at times of her greed
Needing more bloodletting than be

Deepest pains screaming “insane”!!
He held her while she cried in bed
He cared for her wounds and kiss her forehead

Eternally grateful she knows she’ll be
He cared for her when all she did was bleed
A sickness not many to know

….not many understand
…..not many to comprehend
……….not many to lend a helping hand

That’s why I stand
Right in front of this man
Pondering so many questions

Wondering where it is “I” stand