I’m so tired of excuses for EVERYTHING.  I notice some people love to disguise ‘excuses’ as ‘reasons’…..same same!  Excuses = the shifting of “blame” (not responsibility for it’s given out of an excuse) onto something other than their own self.  I love this one, “I’m the way I am because of my *ucked up childhood.”  Please Lord HELP ME!!!!   Okay, I have been through the wringer (if you will) and can say…the ONLY thing that is DUE to my *ucked up childhood is PTSD.  (thanx Susan!!)  I am absolutely disgusted every time I hear that “excuse/reason.”   I step back from my sheer disgust and remind myself that I too was there and that is why i hold such contempt (is that an excuse/reason or what?)  lol….I get upset because that hurdle (our parents) is a hard one BUT it is the most beneficial to everyone. A divorce from those toxic people (even those that had done no HARM but watched you flail)  Rid yourself of all those influences that make you hate to wake in the morning.

Let’s get on the pity pot for a moment……..who reading this LIKES to feel sorry for themselves?  Why do other people really believe that some like to sit in any form of depression/sadness/discontentment.  People are sick *ucks…..My bio-mother use to love to say I wallowed in a pity party….guess what?!?!?  Once I cut her out of my life 99 problems went away!  I cut out everyone that had doubt in me as a person. I cut out those that berated and “teased” me of who i was as a person. Now, mind you…the people that raised me as a child; I walked away 30 yrs ago.  This “side” of the family (which I met @ 17) are sick in a totally different way than my sexual abuse and physical attacks….well, might as well add the sexual abuse attached to “that” family as well (more sick *ucks)  ….The infamous excuse “He was drunk” “He’s old” “He was confused”….My mother “influenced” me to sweep everything under the rug. I thought she was a goddess until that bubble was burst…<good lord a heroin junkie w/my oldest step-sis>   WOW!

I digress, ….wait …where was I…..Where am I???