Past the sill
Through the tattered curtains
Behind the yellow blinds
A sweet child you'll find

Fearful of her tearful nights
She's to steal under the stars lights
Scared for her future self; frights
She runs 2 hours past midnight

Into the wilderness to quest
Never trusting people @ best
On top of houses she'd slept
In trees; a little secret she kept

Why did none take notice
Why would she cry; alone....
Wondering what she needed to atone
So God would take her back home

Her prayers and wishes
Feelings to fade & forgiveness forgotten
Unanswered by a ruthless God
Birthing a theory of right vs. wrong

OH, this sad pathetic rhetoric can go on & on
This is where it ends to where it starts
The beginning is where it fell all apart
Birthed a child of vengeance & building shame

~~It's all the same....she'll never be tamed~~