Dry your eyes my child
It is not as it seems
A nightmare of remember(ing’s)

Falsities & fallacies; she was diseased
She e’er to be humane in this society
Her mind of ill will & heart sheathed

My dear, what is there to fear
Come closer let’s take a look
We can figure out what they took

She tried to rape her childlike innocence
Unbeknownst to her the child was here before
Vengeance was how this child was born

Come hither sweet one,
Into my softest of bosoms
It’s to chill & you might catch cold

Evil sin that child saw in that woman’s mind
Beat and belittled when her name she’d call
Horrible child amongst them all; she be reminded

History to repeat; family incomplete
No remorse in the divorce
A cycle she dare did not repeat
She now faces……complete