A Rose to laggardly grow
Innocently enough, she w/her beauty to show
She didn’t know what life was going to bestow
Little had she known it was a pro quo

One bud of love to which was consecrated
Drunken by a honeyed fragrance; consummated
A Flower, once, copulated now cross-pollinated
Her garden to be slowly & delicately cultivated

Giving birth to a whole new meaning
Such a struggle for her to be receiving
Now, she’s about her really leaving
Escaping the berating & the demeaning

Digging to the depths of her deepest roots
Abuse was induced from youth; uncouth
Nothing was there to give anyone to sleuth
She ever existed & for that to be the truth

Spawned from an original seed
Not a noxious weed like most of her family
It is not what she be, wants, or needs
She is to be a flower, beautiful indeed
Needing A
Happy Ending