She dips and disappears
She fades away only to reappear
Her temper mild & a memory unclear
She forgives because she forgets my dear

She is loving & ever so kind
Isn’t that how… is the words to go & rhyme
Boast a bit & brag some more; settle the score
Express oneself, sometimes, a bit too hard core

She only dips to divert attention
She only disappears to relieve tension
It’s the obsession of her emotional expression
It’s about her perception of some of her connections

Sometimes, she feels to wither & wilt inside
Wanting nothing more than to run & to hide
Her feelings set too far aside; he lied
She tried but it was his pride to guide

Forgiveness he has sought
Is it her lesson to teach him or not?
Inside her world there is so much pain; a lot
She’s not so sure she can unlearn what he had taught

She could not cast aside the tears cried; onslaught
Goodbye she waves as she tries to carry about her day
Tears in her pocket & a smile painted on for display
She’s ready to tackle anyone that gets in her way

Let’s get moving right along~~~~TODAY