On top of the grayest lining she sat
You know the one..
Surrounding the thunderous cloud

Proverbial words lighting across the sky
Old English accent’ed; she’d silently sigh
Hidden deep in her head; a reason to why
“A storm awaiting to rise”

Rain of tears pour down from what she’s lost
Pounding louder and louder; screaming a lot
Past to torture when she’s looking or not….
“The storm has brewed & downpour nonstop”

The hour glass shattered at last
No time to keep track
No time to be looking back
“Bluest of skies coming forth at last”

Prisms dancing in the mist from her tears
Colors of every emotion seen so very clear
Ponderous hues; she opened her mind to explore
“Rainbows glowing galore” and so much more

The sun has brought about her rays
Gray linings now silver to stay
Past be past and put in the grave
“Rain to dried up and gone away”

Into the depths of her soul she took control
She then……let it all go FREELY