Lies hidden in a closet
Waiting for honesty to come unlock it
With the proof; I’ll know I haven’t lost it

I will not wait for the other shoe to drop
I will pack your things & ask for no more
My trust in you, really went so very wrong

She admitted it
She had told a soul
She couldn’t keep it untold

I will carry on
I will be strong
I will, one day, belong

An angel
She’s to float to the ground
She’s to take ill will and stomp it down

She is a light
A beacon of hope
She is the one holding the rope

To die is what she asks
Your answer will last
Eternity ….long lost past

She does so offer
To dine w/the one and only; devil
His food is cold but heart so warmer

A slight of hand
A stroke of his devious commands
Better succumb to his feeble demands

She’s sick
She’s ill to her tummy
Mentally feeling like a dummy

Who’s to be right?
Who’s to be wrong?
What’s their motive all along?

To tease the heart
Or rip it right apart
By so many lies from the start

Tears encased where her feelings were placed
Her head such a basketcase
Breaking her down; losing this race

Variable Variables
Washing ashore
Who’s to say she wants more?

Dining to her delight
She flipped the script & turned on the light
She grabbed your soul & took a bite

Infection to fester at the sight
Her wicked ways displayed that day
Her heart sunk at such a horrific display

Her only means to run away
No way wanting to stay
If it’s true & clear as day

That’s what she DID say
Now which is her pathway
Changing every which-way

No time to rewind
It’s painful there too
She’ll dearly miss you