The moment we met,
I knew you were the one that I wanted to never once forget
Years did pass & never so much as a 2nd glance
I pondered what would tantalize you enough
Come to me & take that chance; let’s dance
Maybe, engage in a little of my romance

I wanted you as my lover and I wasn’t joking
Firstly, shy as I was; I let it stand quietly unspoken
No ill will or discontentment was there to represent
More laughter to puff puff pass; tok’in event

Four years were swept so quickly away
Once our hands did finally reach out, turned blessed day
Wholeheartedly, we did consent after so much time that went
Our hearts we would only play w/no resentments
Blessed was this very beautifully displayed ways

With a wink and a smile; I so dug your style
My body did instantly quake with that simple soft handshake
You are the one I had been waiting this long to take
I was not going to let go of what might be our fate

We ventured to the beach to watch the sunset
Together we were in awe of such the event
In the darkness we began to slowly undress our souls
To show to you I was not such a threat was my goal

Nothing out of place, that was not meant
Lovers full moon, dancing on each magical moment
Seductively sweet words were softly whispered; spoken
My heart did swoon 100 percent; my body fully awoken
“When we had first met”