To Ravish your body, into your heart & dine
It is to pillage & plunder; hmmm....rewind....
....I want what was once taken; MINE!
With wrath and fury the evils, I will find

My words implore for control
Fuck your mind & rock your soul
Fever to build while i spill my untolds
Exposing more than what one can truly know

Behind these words that you read
Behind my silent screams....I see
I wish to have you bleed my tears
I will not concede as it use to be

All vile wicked ways rebuked this day
To perish before hitting my ears
There is nothing I owe in arrears
Those haunting words will... then, quickly disappear

Binding those that wish ill-will
Entering into a pact of goodness; still
Down the path I've chosen; choose
This is one fight, for my life; I will not lose

I bid it so.....BEWARE