She awaits in dire anticipation
Waiting for her man to appear
To cross her path & come nearer
Fantasies of his passionate reciprocation

She lay gently on the bed
Caressing the cool sheets;
Pressed against her tanned naked flesh
Devilish deeds rush through her head

Reminiscing leads to her lips glistening
Between her luscious thighs the heat does rise
Her lips, to kiss, quiver just a little bit
She can deny w/all lies but bodies don't always oblige

Her passion, she can not hide
His cock she wants to ride
Engulfing every inch exposed
Even if just by her minds eye

Her time, she will painstakingly wait
No time to ever lose or explain, 
There's always possibilities for you & she
Loving each other as you had never knew

Just She & You

What would you do?   Do you walk through the doorway or drive past?