You lied w/your words to which your actions echoed
What you said, sometimes, totally absurd
It all depended on your twisted mind's words
No pleasantry when thinking of you; alright
The doom and gloom of my plights; you made me fight
The tribulations, fright, and strife you caused me every night
Falter to fail on the attempts made to protect; I flailed
My quests changed from the disdain; I could no longer remain
I dated you, who tried to ruin my world every which way
I stand strong in the face of your ugliness and my freedom of will

His vengeance will backfire and he'll owe me every penny due

Her emotional turmoil, he caused her to sue
He caused her so much dismay through and through
His wicked deeds done to a single mother; what was she to do
He should have picked someone other for now he is screwed

Repercussions to follow his actions even if he pleads
The pain he has caused me surely does supersede his needs
Karma to kiss his lips and gently HISS
"Baby, you fucked up with this"

Hands never raise, a wish never to say, a game never to play
His heinous acts, his bogus song & dance 
I'll be the last one standing to praise the day
The day he gets put away & pay dearly in every way

[side note:] I would normally (and i do try) not get pleasure out of someone else's suffering.......yet, I've been attacked by this man EVERY which way BUT not in person/physically.  He's tried to ruin my home emotionally by FALSE accusations, tried attacking my son & I's relationship, has tried to cripple me financially, and has tried to crush me spiritually (or do I have the power over all this...yes, I do....he will not longer get away w/attacking someone who has wished NO ILL WILL!!!!!!   What about now??!?!?!?! Verdict is still out..........