I don’t want to rehash
I don’t want to live in the past
I’d rather no longer wear this worn out mask

Why GOOD LORD does it always come back?

Go the fuck away is all that I have asked
Leave me alone & let me be that outcast

Why GOOD LORD does my smile always crack?

I am the one in the corner afraid to look up
Fearful of all those that seem so very corrupt

Why GOOD LORD have I taken so much flack?

Kept in a state of fear by those who I kept near
Oh evil is as evil does never stray away my dear

Why GOOD LORD do I have these irrational fears?

In that box, to which many called a room, I suffered still
Hidden away from those that would see my ills

Why GOOD LORD am I still paying in arrears?

Never a place of safe harbor; always a test
A war zone every single day…at best

Why GOOD LORD do my fears come to tears?

Let’s take a break from all that I have harbored inside of me
Let me be free of the traumas that had been cast upon me
Let me go w/out this horrible past that follows me

Please GOOD LORD all I want is some peace & rest!!

I beg of thee…..such a simple request…….