Just a little more to please
You laced your fingers w/a gentle squeeze
So delicately as you were now to tease

Twist, spin, turn
Eager to taste every drop
Begging & yearned for it to not stop

The sweet aroma goes wafting by
Stronger w/each lust-filled drip
Heart to skip a beat; justified

Licking every single fingertip
A love song & dance; courtship
A creamy succulent goodness with each dip

Rich with wiseness & worthiness
Deeper & deeper into your soft soul
Sending nerve-endings sky high; untold

As your talented lips simply slipped around the rim
Living your life day by day; not on a whim
Needing the beast you licked w/a fervor; sin

You brace yourself as told
Your head dazed & out of control
No longer to wait you engulf whole

Before you so quickly erupted in pure pleasure galore
You swallowed the hot liquid sweetened w/ honey & more
Like you had done many times before…
…Down to the last drop