Perfect dandelions before she
Swaying to the music in the breeze 
Believing those fantastical whispers to be,
 ~ “You will one day soar & fly”
 ~ “You will one day be unattached & alive”
 ~ “You will one day ride zephyrs up high”
A stem, now, to have been plucked
Her dainty gentle fingers softly cup
Little life forces right within her clutch
Free of all man made sin & such
She raised them to the sky as a bunch....
~ "You will soar & fly”
~ "You will be unattached & alive”
~ "On the zephyrs you will ride”
She pursed her lips as a kiss
She did make that monumental wish 
Dug deep into her heart 
That is where she was to start 
In the beginning before strewn apart 
 ~ “To soar & fly”
 ~ “To be unattached & alive”
 ~ “On zephyrs to ride”
The life she breathed into each 
She blew those seedlings and set them free 
Sent them on a course she was to believe 
The beginning of a new noxious weed..... 
That is all she had wished; to succeed
~ "Soar & fly”
~ “unattached & alive”
 ~ “On zephyrs YOU, today, ride”
Blessed be those tiny little dandelion seeds.....Be Care-Free