Where did she go? You know the one, she is one who’s not afraid to always show what it’s like to be in so much pain that you can not contain and (here she comes) you take that steel that you hide from all the shame and release the disdain and pain that surges through your soul wrecking havoc & complete control. Feel the life but to leave as you so slowly watch the rushing of how much you bleed. The pain has a place to escape. Watch it through that tiny slice that will open as much as twice when u bend your knee just right. You feel the disgust and hate mixed in w/that awful fate, that you had left in it’s place. Your foul taste smeared across my face.

Please don’t play the victim! Do not come out to see what it’s like to be in so much pain as you can’t scream. The darkness shrouds your memory for days to ensue because you are NOT you. You are a figment of her imagination. A place that she did dwell in hell. She will not succumb to someone so ever dumb. She will NOT be the victim of the shame and punishment that made her so sick & unwell. The scars and the disdain can’t continue to remain. It is not “she” to blame…it is THEY who be so insane….Don’t dance their game. Don’t swallow all the blame. It is not yours to keep dish it out to the others “sortofspeak” that’s where the plate need be served. Let them eat just what they deserve ::::SHIT:::::