Sleeping in her bed; behold!
A man for her; now, not to know
A look of surprise but lust in tow
Nonchalantly, she begins to undress
Down her skirt & up her shirt
Stripping to her beautiful bareness
Smiling, for secretly, she to be undressed
Before a sleeping man she didn't request
Brushing her hair & getting refreshed
She dons some lip gloss & looks her best
Night's biting air to slowly penetrate her skin
Sinking further & further & deeper still, within
Eventually, freezing her plethora of sin
Above her head, she quickly slips silky fabric
Down her arms & over her breasts
Material slinks it's way; all over the rest
Pulling back, so silently, the comforter & sheets
To nuzzle w/this man who's in deep of sleep
To slide her body next to his w/out a peep

She lays her head on his masculine chest
Rising and falling she feels it all
She requests nothing more or less
~~NOTHING at all~~
~~For this is the BEST~~