“If you could just see what’s in my eyes”
“If you could see what it is I spy”
“A beautiful queen at my side”
“A sweet whore we do hide”

She a blessing
So he believed
Vengeance, she was professing
She’d always liked to scream
She felt ever so scorned
The day born; forlorn-ed

Torture they only did taught
Baby, for the pain you had not sought
Bring it forward and let it get forgot

Purge your soul
I will keep you safe & gently hold
Keeping you from getting so cold
Into our golder years if it still need told

Let love come as a dream
As you silently weep yourself to sleep
To be like sweet cream
Not a horrid nightmare to make you scream
Not something just “unseen”

Expel those thoughts of being unwell
Time to face the fact of just being real
Into the depths of your soul you share
You purge everything, you once did behold; sacred

Now nobody to stop how you share
The words you pick
Or the topic of despair
For “we all” know life is unfair….

Purge your souls …let the love take hold
That’s all he’s to know
Hopefully able to show