The nightmares
Empty affairs
Distant family
Flail in despair
Cut her own legs
Not so very un-rare
Never to show a soul
Yet, a limp from time to time
She’d reluctantly reach for that hand
Just to be burnt more than once but twice
Speaking is sinister and tattling is not tolerated
Slice it ever so deep…this needs to last awhile; keep
Pain you see, the anguish and torture; you believe
Make it visible for only her to see;
So, she don’t feel so crazy
A sick little game

Russian roulette
Will infection set in
Will there be a vein
Will you screw up again
Oh, the worries all out the window
Please release the painful disdain-full
Let it flow away from her ever so delicate soul
Someone never to reach before her skin she’d breach
Each time letting out a little more of her life each SLICE