Gliding her finger across
slick, smooth, & almost soft
Fixated & lost in thought; she is

Slice so quick
Didn’t hesitate
Nor miss

Wild & erratic this woman is spazmatic
Wielding a weapon for her demise
It’s not HER body is how she’s to surmise

Pouring down her leg
Blood, but of her life
No hesitation for that second slice

Vacancy to flood her eyes
The once vibrant woman she knew
Sobbing before her; someone new

Tattered and torn soul
Beaten & battered by the days of old
PTSD took hold & released the evils as told

Bleed sweet child
Bleed the ills away
Purge them this very day

One more slice
You will surly see
Lights to flicker as you try to breathe

Eyes yearning for their lids
Reaching up like a little kid
Fading out, you rest your head

Steel to clink to the floor
She couldn’t take anymore
It trickled all out onto the floor

……And then there was NO MORE