To struggle, muster the strength
Holidays ring so sour in my soul
I can’t seem to stop the hold
The painful memories of so old

Others around paying my mistakes
My choices still follow me this day
I don’t know what to do to change thoughts
Hypnosis if you will for my conscience won’t

I see the sad faces around me
Inside my soul they scream and cry
Wanting to be let out to play; experience the day
Tucked away deep inside she hides those prying eyes

Into the darkest of depths the hate she wells
Inside her is a living hell; she’s so unwell
Memories to crowd out the joy she wants
The pain she remembers on holiday cues

She needs free of this disease
Her time on this earth is not a curse
Her instincts are right but her thoughts not
Insight twisted and her current plight

She accepts no help to understand herself
Who’s to know when she’s so sick of those
The disgust she emits, she tries to control
Hating others is not what she wants to behold

Please lord save her soul……