It's like that aching tooth 
Pressure applied; oh, the relief
Pain to throb instead of a heartbeat
A fingernail to press the puss pocket
Swollen w/nasty; ever so full of toxins
Letting go, the pain grows hot
Down your jaw to wrap your bone
Creeping up your face under your eye zone
Festering poisons gushing it's bitter bite
Pouring into your mouth a disgusting sight
One to start the inflammation to many more
Unsure, now, of which one hurts the most
Clenching down on all your teeth
Try try so hard for that painful relief
Not this time devoid and incomplete
For your tooth was extracted long ago
But, sorrow is for yours to keep
No dentist to extract for you to speak
No drugs, give up that belief
On your own...take the pliers
Release the pain
(it'll take you higher)