Silky straight hair flowing over my breasts
Bare of all make-up; to be so rare
My presence to be full of raw care
Shinning brightest, to never be phony

Catching my reflection in the glass
Creamy chocolate eyes & ½ mast
Glistening mischievously, hard to mask
Nakedness, at last, doesn’t give me a laugh

Sliding past judgments about to be cast
My lover, if it’s to be me with you
I spot you across the room, finally, at last
Desire to lust fills mine eyes so very fast

Timeout, I need to smoke before I pass
Lighting up, for it had been awhile
Inhaling your masculine style
I exhale a wide smile

Bringing my bare skin to touch sin
You draw me in with each of your fingertips
Closer, I to… have made you come
Now the fun to have just begun

~I want some~