She reached:

Miles upon miles is to where she thought was her home
Flying in the clouds, her dreams of never being alone
Hours in the sky getting her closer to her family; alive
She waited 17 yrs to bury all her fears

She believed:

They took her trust and love
Viciously they attacked her sensitive kind
Berated & belittled did everything to make her feel little
They took her patience and pride threw them to the side

She became:

A doormat for family to use
A doormat as a good girl should do
A doormat for those to abuse
A doormat ever so fully used

She longed:

Ever so weary, needing to belong
Love of family, she had tried her own
Disallowed to feel proud; wronged
Denied how very strong; so, very long

She ached:

Falling short of their demands & commands
Dictation of her life by their own hands
Once called family turned conditioned
After years is where she had her change of plans

She walked:

She withdrew from everyone she thought she had never knew
Are you included too?