I get so tired watching the poor treated unfairly (degenerates of society when working full time?) Those w/more to spend get more free things handed to them. WTF? Where is the balance. The poor get shit service for their capital is not as much as another and those that have wealth keep getting given cars, trips ect…..Poor can only pay for bare minimum while supporting a family so in turn they get shit service be it the phone, cable, ect…..Yet, it’s the poor people’s fault for working full time and still receiving food stamps because they didn’t go to college, because they got a GED, because they had to drop out to care for a sick parent, relative, or to support themselves even….who knows the reason….the wealthy are too ignorant to realize the reality of struggling WHY is there such a complete and utter disgust for those of us that struggle…..why are they so quick to pass judgment….not everyone was born privileged or such opportunities presented to them. Wish some would realize how hard it is being of the “LOWER CLASS” …..<sigh> …watching as those that can BUY the organic because it is 2x’s the cost…..can u believe all the way down to nutrition is limited…..GMO’s here we come ….population control? Such poor medical help through private clinics (where they are the only ones to take your insurance)…..Here’s two aspirin and don’t call us ……cause we won’t return your call because our caseloads are too overwhelming to even take a look at your chart…wait they do….they verify your name the rest of the information is not read for the time limitation per patient. <sigh>….i’ll close for now…………just disgusted……..next “child shootings”….how to address this problem rationally & systematically before anymore tragedies occur. I literally CRY when I hear/read other children so disturbed they feel the only way to cure their pain is through violence….my heart shatters to think of the trauma and PTSD cause to “once balanced” and centered children now suffering from the hands/actions of another peer…..devastating…on ALL ENDS …..