Sucking you into a seductive dance & romance
To escape; she already has you in her clutches
(entranced you with a single glance)
Above your cock she raises up her hips
(Her swollen lips) Dripping wet; you bet & wish
Going to fondle her clit she slaps your hands away a little bit
Diverting instead reaching up to undress her breasts
Pierced nipples not so perverse; caressed
Needing to nibble her perky nips
You ever so sensually lick your lips
Ready to finger her clit…
She shoves your hand away; again with more of a fit

Pinned by her feminine powers
She’s ready to devour
She lowers herself even quicker
Licking her way north & south
At your waist she opens her mouth
Sucking you all over the place
The flicker of her tongue
Raging even harder; as she’s just begun

The movement of her seductive curves
Her bareness, confident in her skin
Wrapping her lips around your tip
She takes you in …NOT just a little bit
Down to the base of your throbbing cock
Unable to stop you beg her for her pussy to rock

Listening not; she continues nonstop
A tug at your balls sends you up the walls
Barely able to contain
Her tongue massages your pulsing vein
You let go…no longer able to refrain
She stops & let’s you continue your endeavor
Letting you cum with great pleasure
Swallowing deep….You found the woman to keep!