Extensions of many others
It isn't me as a mother
Neither half-sisters nor another
I wish you could see; hidden deep inside of me 
[thankfully they're all smothered ]

Darkness to befallen my life
Strife has been a razor or as a knife
Silently in shadows of an afterlife
Cutting pieces out of my psyche
[every night]

Believed to be full of gratitude in my soul
Able to help others reach their goals
Letting them know they are never too old
Entanglement with those a little lost
[watch them blossom & grow]

World once feeling so whole
Now, into the past it goes
Wondering what karmic life I chose
Stealing my light so healthy & bright
[Who's to have the answers & knows]

My pain taken into your hands
Toxins pouring out that you understand 
I can't even grasp nor withstand
Things I never wanted spoken or told

A hero; I do believe
Taken me as to give me a reprieve
Comprehending my mental disease
Letting me live completely guilt free