I, Rose, Amongst thorns

I see you hurtingInside those tiny watering eyesTo reach you; you seem to despiseCalling to you; not wanting you to cryMy son, all I can do is ask, “Why”?A first in my lifeI brought home my delightAll ten fingers and toesAs the story goes, ~and a cute button noseQuiet you were no matter who was aroundNot a peep; not a single soundQuizzical eyes bright & beautifully brownOn the floor; instead we'd crawl aroundThose years to passWhen you would look to me & askHearing every word I toldNow you feel to be too oldMy son; I just wish I knewWhat's it like being youI wish there more I could doPlease learn from my mistakes is all I can saySmart w/exuberant quick witCrafty & thorough , you don't quitProficient…

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