I could just fucking scream until my lungs bleed
As I choke on my own bloody vomit yolks, 
I smile, a toothless smile as it rolls down my chin
Into my dinner plate full of heinous sin

Dished it quite full; I so hastily gobble it down 
Not quite finished with all the smacking sounds
Asking for another piece, if found...
Pits of burning hell is where it flourishes all year around

Peeling away each layer of my brain; your venom
Ill will is what will prevail; if anything else ails
Tears to heckle all those who feel to have failed
Slowly unveil, that it is really all just entrails

Festering love to be given as a trick of the trade; life
Tears slicing down my lonely tanned legs; 
Drowning ...


& only last hope; sputter sputter.........CHOKE......

<growling> SHUT UP!   <growl>

You've done this, fucking, before
You asked for it and you got that much more!
I don't know why you act so surprised; you whore!

Bread from the cupboards gone stale...milk to curdle away!
It will soon be time to eat maggots from the cat gone stray!
What was your wish my queen, HA...dream the unseen!

No matter how you scalp it; with razor or knife, your delight!
Counterfeit golden tickets in your hands; you've been denied!
Purging the part of your entire soul; sickness in bleeding of one so old!
Come again and across some more, you fucking idiot whore!

I SAY    !!QUIET!!

~~Into the blackness where you are to be kept~~
....Stop haunting this child....
.she left....

You will find her wandering in the sleepless streets
She was the vixen; quickly turned into the emotional thief
Stealing her time as precious as she thought; not want!

Rushing through the darkest of nights
You can hear her gurgling ungodly calls
Moaning to rip apart the whole start of a heart
Blood curdling screams as this demon comes on the scene...

She's lusting of the fire from the crimson bloody sea; 
Me ...
Death begging on his shredded knees...to give in; 
Because not even he can compete with she...........

...I'M Back!...
<ebil grin>
(nothing can contain me)