My story the same
My plights always bring shame

What is YOUR name?
What's your nightmares; my dear?

Monsters in your closet?
Nothing ever in your sights?
Yet your shoe, you tossed it just right;
Closing the closet door tight?

I'm kissing them in the darkened shadows
Those skeletons I hold so dear
Dancing, to my ever so quick tempo
Keeping them more than near

Let's venture to your pits of hell
What is it you harbor down there?
What is it that sits and dwells?
Oh please, Oh please, Yes, Yes, share w/me!
[how you're so very unwell]

With a long pull and puff in the air
Patiently waiting for the night to disappear 
[I impatiently stare]
I gather my thoughts right, wrong, & unfair 
[or not]
Away I scurry before the first light to appear

Never to get caught
Til next Time My Dear
Maybe NOT
[stop the clock]