~Please take away your bullshit
~Please away w/the things that don't fit
Don't worry about my simple life
~Please stop the song & dance; all right

~Don't feed me your lies
~Don't bring me your cries
Take yourself down the road
~Don't look back; no one in tow

	~She waiting for you in the wings
	~She married is her problem; her thing
	Her children to keep the ties; he her sin
	~She seemed to put a dent in her ring

~His heart broken; he attach so quickly to an old, new
~His refusal to admit; crimes he did commit
In the darkest of his shadows; his she found that clue
~His actions did which he had forbid her to do

~Life will continue; no looking back
~Life full of lies to flourish is absurd
Vain attacks, couldn't keep in on track
~Life has habit of setting things wrong, back

~Not a reason for her to fight
~Not a temptation for her delight
Please, she's to relinquished that plight
~Not ever to settle & live in fright

~~Good Night~~