Her curves glistening in the softest of midnight
Tingling her skin from tip of her breasts to her feet; rays rest
Deep & deeper still to fondle her body and seduce her spirit
Reaching in the darkest of depths never to fear it
She let's go of control; letting it feed her inner soul
Further and further still the fervor did build
She no longer can hide the wetness; she tried
She thought not how to feel so satisfied, totally fulfilled
Defying all laws that governed her world; she didn't even kiss
She was just as surprised her body would be awoken; when undressed
A beautiful moon, as it had rose high in the sky, would rock her body
Making her that much more alive.......
It did insist
She wasn't going to miss
Not willing to dismiss such a wish
She opened her soul and let it slide in a bit
She,  pressed up against the wall
Slowly building a brightness into her soul
Passionate fires burning like no one had ever told
Fucking her divine, as in her eyes, the nights lights did shine
Bringing her closer to everything that she once did resist
It is so a desire, wish, something she now forcefully  insists
An ultimate climax was her wish.....it was dished