Day 2: I can’t shake it, you guys. My inner self is disbelieving anything & everything he says. I don’t feel like talking to him nor seeing him because my mind is fucking w/me so bad. YET, I do have to say I am so sensitive at times. I will be the first one to scream that on top of my roof. At the same time, I feel seriously rejected. After 2 yrs; I’m boring? 6 days is A LOT for me. I seriously get cranky & then I don’t even wanna satisfy myself except by myself. That’s how mad I get. I don’t know!!! I’m an older woman with a sex drive that is maybe too high right now?!?! Gee, see me going to the Dr’s telling them that my b/f says my sex drive is TOO much…..who will laugh first…me or the Dr.??? I EVEN TRIED TO TALK TO HIM. I’m doing my best with keeping an open communication and the responses I get are out of this world in insensitivity. What am I doing. I’m suppose to be moving in w/this man next week… a new house. Awesome start….going on 3 yrs……oh well, take the good w/the bad and keep Violet out of this one!!