I’m having a really hard time today/tonight. I am insistent (paranoid= no hard facts but him on his phone a lot) that my b/f is keeping something secret from me & not for my benefit but for sneak-ery. For the past 5 days my advancements & his lack of interest has me really hurt. I told him so and he told me to grab a toy or -jokingly- said find a friend. I am at a total loss…..my feelings don’t feel like they were validated. Dare I say what words I actually used? I am not as prolific in verbal convos…..well, I said, “when we go 2/3 days w/out sex I start getteing really upset almost mad” Was that so wrong of me? He told me I shouldn’t… He said he has times where he’s just not feeling it and knows there will be times I dn’t want to either. WHEN? I guess NOW. No tit for tat but honestly even though my body is screaming I will not succumb only due to my feelings being hurt and until I grow the balls and speak up about the snowball that is starting…need be melted….i’ll sit in the snow & get frost bite. <sigh> I’ve often wondered about my sex drive when I have a partner (alone what’s to question LOL)….seems like mine is on over drive compared ….granted I haven’t had many partners…married 17 yrs took care of that. Anyway, so miss the beginning when we’d see naked flesh & want to devour each others body & soul……i’ll sign off….nite