Donning her silk robe; she slumber-ly walked to her door She heard the doorbell and now she hears a persistent knock Looking over at the clock; who could it be…it’s 3 O’clock Spying through her doors eye she saw nothing by With a clink & tug she opened her door; barely budged A chain for that fictitious safety every woman shouldn’t have Very delicately, she peers through the door’s crackHello, Hello” no one answered her back -Tap…. tap- -Tink…tink- Spinning around to find the noise She notices a shadow at her sliding glass doors Just the silhouette and nothing more Fear to set in tight; her heart in her throat Slowly, she presses the front door closed & drops to the floor Frozen where she sits; between a thin curtain & he Nothing more for him to resist at his unwelcome visit Pressing w/his hands, the glass rattles and shakes Springing open; as if by his simple hand command She, slinking in her hall closet full of all her coats Hoping her tears and fears…she can swallow & not choke Dear lord lets pray he goes away as fast as he’s came”