Into the depths, beyond your concepts
Right before your eyes but you can’t see
Blinded by reason, what you live for are gone
Realms created amongst their minds
Taking flight for there is no rewind
Sing until your hearts content; your own song
Your voice to tremble and shake; don’t disgrace
Take that pen w/your paper & wait for that spark
Flowing from your pen might come your song
Ink well to have run dry; it’s time to take another try
Take those hands, mold as what you wish
Display the value of your gift; bring it out of the dark
If the kiln to crack your piece; don’t fret just repeat
Art from the colors of heaven flowing across brush
There are no mistakes you have to learn
There are so many ways to express the things you care
Bring that passion about; trigger it out, if on a dare
Come on….let’s all share…..