Remember, forget all that you thought to know
Stop the constant flow of those pathetic tears
“Oh please, Oh please…just let me be; GO!”

Pain twisting her suffering soul
Believing everything she was once told
Torturing her beyond anyone’s hold

Hidden away from prying eyes
Hidden deep in her mind; wanting to die
Wishing she knew the answers as to “why”

Fixated, she so quietly sits
Cold tiles pressing against her numbed skin
She, long ago since lost all her rational wit

Pouring from her vacant eyes; she cries
Contemplating some really stupid shit
About to slice one slit; she needs it

Scarred tissue presents itself; as her thighs she parts
Teasing her, taunting her, tormenting her
Her thighs her canvas for such disturbing art

Let it escape
Take it away
Slice so thin
Bleed it out TODAY! Let it flow down
Dripping from her thoughts & thighs
To the cold floor pooling all around

She just doesn’t care anymore
The pain has consumed her heart
She’s feeling more dead inside; falling apart

There is no other way to erase the pain
Take that razor; so shiny and sleek; deep release
Slowly slide down your skin; release the grief
The scars are what will be forever yours to keep

An accidental slip
Too deep w/that last multiple slit
Escaping she had wished, now she wins

There is only but her remains
Goodbye my friend; we said till the end
You took your life and I’m left w/your strife

What was it that you did gain?
Passed it on, all your pain
Those left in your wake

They have to eat your noxious cake
What you couldn’t “take”