Come with me!
Into my world; let’s just be
Come on baby…just you & me

Take my slender hand
Lacing our fingers in trust
Pressing palms in pure lust

Into the depths we daily dip
Let’s begin something w/no end to it
Infinity, our destination for we; just yet

Search my body for a soul…fondling my naked flesh
Around each curve to unfold
A soul I had once told; to you, I sold…’we’ now hold

Searched your absolute’dly very best’est
Sins in us to make it that much more whet’ed
We do, now, become completely undress’ed

With each moan there is your thrust
Deeper and deeper it’s become a must
Climaxing into pure unadulterated lust

Cum on baby…just you & me
Into my world; let’s just be…free
Come with me!