Well, explain to me~
Please do tell~
What is it like,
Living in hell?

Thoughts are a crushing sound
A smoking inferno in your mind
Disowned, dethroned, demoaned
Not to find peace alone

OH MY, New friend! tell me more
Leave no details out
Keep it all pouring w/out doubt
No shame in what hell is all about

Flames to be dancing on your despair
Drowning in a putrid stench, all around
Deeper; you go further down
Screaming to save your life; w/out a sound

Did you make your amends?
Sheering the sincerity from your soul?
Beginning of your horrific end;
Ripping out everything you did behold?
No more questions!
Take my hand & walk w/me
...I'm your newly founded friend..as you did see
You NOW come see hell with 

"Wave Good-bye to everything you once did believe"