People are always amazing me. [Really making me very ill.] I wonder why some things even fall out of their mouths. Is there really NO filter or is it because people are starting to see being mean & wicked as fun & funny. Sure, children are an exception to the rule of what dribbles out…. because they have no reservations behind the words that fall out of their wee little mouths. Dead on truth is refreshing!
Depending on age how much is truth or mimicking their parents? How much truth is really falling out of these babes mouths; these days? Bombarding them w/all sorts of media hype. Do we not stand to be conditioned by our parents & society/media/untruths at a very early age? [Guess, I can thank God for letting me know the pain I was enduring as a child was ‘NOT RIGHT (HAHA)’….Glad it was of some help in those days (HA). What I’m saying is some kids are only as truthful as their evironment.

I digress, people & their words, do they think? [I’m starting to believe I don’t] Do some really open their minds at all before they let garbage slip out? Hateful, mean, derogatory, judgmental, maniacal, evil, disgusting verbiage is what I hear all the time. Doesn’t matter where it’s coming from; really… does show itself @ any age …..

See, the dribble that is running out of my mouth right now [hate-filled to a point!]. Who really cares that I don’t appreciate most people because they are of no reason to respect. I’ll quiet… w/tears streaming out of my eyes because of the pain/hate I feel from others on my daily ordeals.  I can only take so much before I start feeling; myself, corrupting!

I’ll close :/