LOOK! See those too blinded to see? Watch yourself you could be next. Its not us against each other anymore. Us against them is how it’s been divided. I implore! Our people of power imposing their wills. Their moral codes and not for freedom owed. Do you see it crumbling around our feet? Freedom that we so use to so freely speak. Hate-filled, holding badges of power; corrupt. People turning sour and shooting them up. Ignore the poor and praise the prosperous that’s the way they want us.

LOOK! what is it you see? Rip that blindfold! Drugs overflowing our tiny towns, cities, and street. Used needles found by children playing bare feet. Zombies with their picking marks & teeth falling apart. Wandering our streets spying to become the next thief. Being stripped of rights, being safe at night. While others shiver in fright. Struggling to feed a family of 3; both working, is the need. Haven’t time to raise their own; they’ll be late. Someone with a degree wanting to steal your jobs fate.

LOOK! You & I bounded & tied. I fear a sinister reason as to why. I cover in my little rabbit hole watching all this horror unfold. Me and you will NOT be fine. Corruption will build from a spineless man. Over time we will be dictated to; told & sold. Oh Dear Lord, they’ve lost control…