ONE, NEVER will admit to her part in all of it…..and everyone that has “followed” suit by believing ONE side of the story…..are MORE pathetic than the other….Now, granted that is OBVIOUSLY in my OWN HUMBLE opinion  [it’s been since 2010….i never did have a family; except for friends AND I’m reclaiming HOLIDAYS!!]

I am by far not perfect and I only achieve better…..I have made many an err (GOOD LORD…I TRULY HAVE made my mistakes and PLAN on making many more LOL) What I, also, feel like saying is money will never replace good will. Wealth can never draw me back nor needing help & getting beaten up about it!!

I will never say it “DIDN’T” hurt (past tense) but I’ve grow past my part & have made amends to myself for always subjecting myself to the “constructive” criticism, bantering about petty stuff, berating, talking behind everyone’s back, belittling, and attacking anyone they see as NOT as STRONG… BUILD them up is the excuse…NO it was just fucking plain and simple HURTFUL.

I am a sensitive person and if not respected (anymore) you can get out of my life and I’ll happily remove you from existence. I don’t play well w/other passive aggressive people as myself…LOL…..(well, i had to put in that last part because of this note..which I will kick myself later for even talking about this……just shows there is a part of me that is NOT over it)…Oh, well…a work in progress!!!