Hi, it’s been a few days but I have posted a few “writings.” [that’s gotta count for something, right?] How have you been? Anything new? What’s up, my friend? How’s the kids? What’s the weather like? How’s work? ::Hangs up:: Covered all bases of chit-chat and nothing more to speak on for they are about as dense as cotton balls. Those, from what I’ve found out, with a screw or two loose are so much more exciting AND can related to me on a level not many want to; crazy. lol

Are you spiritual? That’s where the convo turns and can lead towards something that fascinates me.. That’s, also, when I get a spark in my soul and my ears perk up to hear their answer….usually I hear, “Yes, I am christian” or “I’m catholic” Funny how people think just because they attend a church they are spiritual. I do laugh, it is so much more; all the way around. Dead in that direction….I’m not into changing peoples perceptions….if they seem more interested …of course convo would follow…most are in their little boxes hiding from their VENGFUL “God”. We have enough living demons amongst us!!

Oh, I have a fairly new medication on board….it’s been so helpful and damaging (internally) at the same time. Plus, I am shamed taking a narcotic (I HATE medications…but, at my age, I know I can NOT live w/out medications. If I had any other disorder/illness that was “visible” or not pertaining to the brain. Obviously, some people worse than others. Only because it deals w/the brain, moods, emotions, phobias, in general ALL affective disorders are stigmatized no matter how hard the celebs & those in the “spot light” come forward. It doesn’t mean it’s going to make any of us feel any better just because we now know the popular have the same inflictions. Wow, feeling so much better now! Then again, media will brainwashing you into thinking everyone is so much more aware now….pain and suffering doesn’t end just because it becomes “accepted” by society….OMG, I RAMBLE………….
“It is not the quantity of life; it is the quality of life.”

My psychiatrist really liked the saying. [well, i’m sure someone said it before me…isn’t that how it works <wink>]

W/that I’ll close for tonight……

Good Night….