this one?

I, Rose, Amongst thorns


Beautiful sound waves rush upon your ears
The chatter of animals squealing near
The closer they come; the easier it is to hear
For them, another day has come to play

Have you ever looked around
Have you seen a depressed deer
A lonesome hound dog
A pouting buck or steer

Sure, you’ve placed your feelings
You’ve projected your thoughts
What you’ve encountered w/the animals; a lot
Compensating for their simplest of thoughts

Let’s quite down, take their lead
Bring it all in, within ye
A private space to fulfill self needs
Moments blessed w/absolution of all greed

It’s not about the broken looking glass
Any hours not meant to last
Yet, what is now to come to pass,
Speak in the moment & not of the past

Listen to our animals
Sow what it is you were to plow
Don’t make it anymore complicated
Then it all ready is…

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