take a gander??

I, Rose, Amongst thorns

(Why’d, I cry?)

Contempt’ment grew inside
What was it he thought I were to do?
It was the only thing I knew to be true
Of course I’d internalize it; like I always do


Tears filled thine softest of hearts
Feelings of jealous is where I fell apart
Kept, left,….neglected…off to the side;discarded
The finish was right where we had start


Till death did us part
You killed me; ripped me apart
Crushed my soul & hurt my body
You are for sure not too smart

(Another lover)

He hid his selfish acts
Sneaking pills behind my back
Acting holier than though; no facts
Sucking them down to the max

(Take my hand)

Another gentle-man
Love to which would blossom, began
He, not until I had already constructed my wall
Secret plans wound up in the, worst of all; trash can

(I quit)

Trying to find a man…

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