No matter who is disgraced
Hidden secrets
Is such an absolute utter waste

Truth will always prevail; even if by mistake
Unless, a question wasn’t asked
Then, no room for lies to even formulate

Have faith, lies always get misplaced
Their trail you can definitely trace
Truth holds solid in anyone’s face

Playing the game of truth to dare
I dare you to seek what it is he hides
Tell the truth is better than a white lie

Pretend to not care or even deny
BUT why even try?
Is it something to even repair?

It is best to just live and let go?
I am tired of the emotions that do show
It hurts to think this may not grow

Not friend but a lover; in the end
Can dismiss me again & again
With stupid ass LIES; let’s not pretend

Guess he has much more to confess
(Paranoid? Nawww, I see the texts; wish it was)